This conference will be the worst conference only if you don’t attend because we truly believe that the first step towards a fulfilling and authentic life is actually making the decision to change. We believe that we are all capable of greatness and we all need to inspire each other with authentic stories and with actionable strategies to achieve it.
This conference is created for people who really want a dramatic change in their lives. It’s a conference for people like us, who have suffered and found a solution.

You will be able to challenge your thinking, your beliefs about your career, your relationships, your success and you will be able to overcome challenges and make changes instantly. We don’t want you to leave inspired – we want you to make changes instantly. We want you to make that mental decision and go for it. You don’t need more money to be fulfilled and happy, you need the courage to go after your dreams. You don’t need to stay in your job if you don’t find it fulfilling – you can change your career. You can have less yet be happier and fulfilled. You can start doing what you love by creating content and sharing your story with the world. This world needs more passionate people that care.

This conference is not about the speaker’s ego-boosting, it’s all about sharing passion and love. Our speakers are not billionaires that will brag about their companies and how they made it, each and every speaker will speak the truth from their heart and share their story on how they are overcoming challenges every single day.

It’s ordinary people doing extraordinary things. All we ask you to do is believe in your greatness, believe in you and believe that there is a better tomorrow, and we would love you to buy your ticket as well. The Think Beyond Conference will be the best conference you ever attend if you show up, listen, pay attention and have an open mind. We will make two promises to you: (1) You will not leave the conference without making one big or small decision in your life that will make you a better person (2) we will speak the truth from our hearts and we will be the best version of ourselves. See you on the 14th of October 2017.

What You Will Get

– You will learn new ideas on how to live an authentic life
– You will be able to live with passion
– You will learn how to manage your mind
– You will be able to live on your own terms
– You will learn the skills on how to get a new job, get a raise or start something you love
– You will learn how to manage stress
– You will learn how to take actions and follow your dreams
– You will be able to create meaningful relationships
– You will become the best version of yourself
– You will be able to make at least one change in your life at the conference.
– You will be able to create new open minded individuals (and make new friends)

*This conference will be a life changing event if you keep an open mind. Promise.

  • You & Your Friend

  • Amazing Full Day Experience with a friend (2 Tickets)
  • Access To All Speakers
  • Buffet Lunch
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Wi-Fi
  • 250