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Inspire Your Team

This will be the best conference to send your team members to. If you want your team to be inspired, motivated and to go beyond in their lives then this is the conference they must attend. Please note that the conference might inspire people to leave their job if they are not passionate about it (or hate it) because all our speakers will speak the truth. On the other hand, they might fall in love with their position or understand that would be better if they changed their department.

Attendees will be able to learn new skills, get inspired, listen to new ideas, find their purpose and go beyond their own expectations. They will be entertained and educated at the same time. It’s your call; either way you win if they attend. You want your team members to live their life and be passionate about what they do. You want to have productive and happy people working with you so as a team you can all grow.

We do have limited corporate packages available, please call 22 101935 for availabilities and enquiries.

Pricing for corporate:
Teams 0-10 people: €125 per person
Teams 10-20 people: €115 per person
Teams 20-30 people: €105 per person


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